New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana is easily one of the most recognizable cities in the United States. Usually the first thought that comes to mind when New Orleans is mentioned is Mardi Gras. Although Mardi Gras is a huge part of the culture of New Orleans, and does affect the city longer than just the Mardi Gras season, it has much more to offer. From the National World War II Museum to the St. Louis Cathedral, and countless shopping and restaurants, New Orleans has something for everyone.


One of the more interesting parts of being in New Orleans is just walking around. You will see street performers, artists, boutiques, and many other spots tucked away in the streets that no amount of planning could ever uncover. If you are planning to go to dinner, find a local spot and eat the cuisine of the city. These quirky bits of New Orleans are one of the easiest ways to experience its true culture.

For the book lover: A great spot to visit in New Orleans for anyone who likes books is Faulkner House Books (Faulkner House Books website) just off Jackson Square in the French Quarter. Originally a house now converted to a bookstore is where William Faulkner wrote his first novel in 1925, “Soldiers Pay”. Although the rooms have been adapted to hold hundred of books, it is still such an amazing little shop to visit. The bookstore carries signed, out of print, and specialty books and is a must visit for anyone who is interested in literature.


Another “must do” in New Orleans is to eat beignets with a cup of hot café au lait. A beignet is a fried piece of dough coated in powdered sugar (what’s not to love?) and when served with coffee makes a perfect snack while touring the city.

Probably the most well known place to get beignets is Cafe Du Monde, iconic for its green and white striped awning. If you are able definitely spot by! Sometimes however you may be in the mood for more of a meal along with your beignets. While Cafe Du Monde is famous, for good reason, for their beignets it is not the only restaurant that serves them. Cafe Beignet on Royal Street is also a great option for beignets and they feature a full menu.

Beignets and café au lait at Cafe Du Monde

The charm and adventure found in New Orleans is never ending. In order to see and experience all New Orleans has to offer it would take a lifetime, but just one visit is life changing.


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