Pensacola is one of my favorite cities to visit because it is a fairly large city that feels like a small town. From entertainment to dining, Pensacola has something that everyone can enjoy.

McGuire’s Irish Pub (McGuire’s Website): McGuire’s is a quirky restaurant whose menu ranges from seafood to steak to burgers. The overall environment is fun and welcoming and allows for a great breakfast, lunch or dinner with your friends or family.

Some of the more popular menu items include the Senate Bean Soup that costs 18 cents, yes you read that right, 18 cents. The original recipe is still used and it is definitely worth a try, but make sure you try some of their other amazing entrees as well!

Another must try is the New York Cheesecake. A whopping 1 pound piece of cheesecake it is not for the faint of heart, but it is absolutely delicious!


A interesting part of the atmosphere of McGuire’s is that the ceiling, throughout the entire building, is covered with dollar bills. It is a right of passage as a McGuire’s diner to sign and staple a dollar bill to the ceiling.

Adonna’s Bakery and Cafe: Located in downtown Pensacola, this small bakery is the perfect stop for a pastry and coffee in the morning or a quick and delicious meal before a night out. From soups to sandwiches to almost any pastry you can image, you will not be disappointed when you stop by.


With Mardi Gras approaching Adonna’s is currently selling slices of king cake and a king cake latte. Both of which are sure to get you in the Mardi Gras spirit!


Along with the numerous dining options, a couple of which were mentioned here and do not even begin to cover them all, there are also multiple places for any theatre lover to find a show!

Pensacola Saenger Theatre (Saenger Pensacola Website): The Saenger Theatre in Pensacola hosts a slew of entertainment. Comedians, musicians, Broadway touring companies and classic movie viewings are a few of the awesome entertainment options that can found here.

Pensacola Little Theatre (Pensacola Little Theatre): The Pensacola Little Theatre is a local theatre that puts on original and Broadway productions with a cast from the community. I have been able to attend two productions: The Rocky Horror Show and Shrek: The Musical and both were amazing. They truly want to give the theater goer a professional and fun experience and put on quality productions that anyone can enjoy.


(I am not sponsored by any of these establishments. The opinions are all my own)


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