Mardi Gras – Mobile, Alabama

Just about everyone has heard of Mardi Gras and probably has an idea in their minds of what it is. Unfortunately, many only credit New Orleans with the beginning and the continuing festivities that have become a trademark of the Mardi Gras season.

Mardi Gras actually began in Mobile, Alabama in the late 1800s and has since spread throughout the gulf coast. Today, Mardi Gras is thought by some  to only occur in New Orleans, but this is not the case.


Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama is very similar to New Orleans in that you will see elaborate floats, thousands of pounds of beads being thrown and many people enjoying a good time. The main difference between Mobile and New Orleans is that Mobile tends to be a little more family friendly when it comes to its festivities.

If you ever find yourself in Mobile around Mardi Gras, here are just a few fun things to do!

  1. Parades: The Mardi Gras parades actually start weeks before the actual date that Mardi Gras is celebrated. Mardi Gras is celebrated more as a season than a single day so you have plenty of time to catch a parade! While you are at it, make sure you bring a bag to collect all of your throws which usually include more beads than you can imagine, plastic cups, stuffed animals, footballs and yes, MOON PIES!
    Star Wars float at the Crew of Columbus parade (Mardi Gras 2017)
    We caught more Moon Pies than we could eat!

    2. A bite to eat: My family has a little tradition of always grabbing dinner at Heroes Sports Bar & Grille on Dauphin Street before we head over to the parade route. Between their good food and the added bonus of getting to eat outside (if you choose) Heroes makes for an awesome meal and fun time with friends and family!

    A BLT, fries and cole slaw from Heroes Bar & Grille

    3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Every year at the Crescent Theater on Dauphin Street has a week long showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you are interested in doing the Time Warp, this is definitely a show you will want to check out, after the parades of course!rocky-horror

Mardi Gras is such an enjoyable time for everyone, young and old. If you are looking to experience Mardi Gras for the first time or maybe you have been participating for years, either way Mobile should be your next stop!




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