The Importance of Having a Hobby as a College Student

College is hard. I don’t think that this is really a surprising statement. The thing is, college isn’t supposed to be easy, it is supposed to prepare you for your future career. Along with all of your exams, essays and presentations, it is important to have an outlet outside of your college life to relax. Growing up our hobbies are what make us who we are, so why should we let that go when we go to college?

Hobbies as a college student are extremely important because they allow you to take your mind off of all the work you have been stressing over and do something that you truly enjoy. Putting a small amount of time aside each day for your hobbies, even if it is only 15 minutes, can help you de-stress and help you to re-focus.

  1. The Exercise Hobby: I know, I know, no one wants to exercise and in college “no one has time”. While this can be true sometimes, especially if you have an extremely busy week, making time to get moving and do some sort of exercise you actually enjoy can make all the difference. Most colleges offer free fitness classes such as yoga, spinning, Zumba and pilates. If group fitness classes aren’t your thing, go for a walk or a run around campus and enjoy the outdoors. The point is to choose a hobby that involves a type of exercise that you actually enjoy. A good workout will help you to clear your mind, de-stress and become more confidence when completing your assignments.



I enjoy running and walking on my school’s fitness trail.

2. The Creative Hobby: This hobby is pretty easy. The idea is, again, to find some type of creative outlet that you enjoy. Whether it is playing an instrument, painting, sketching, or even just coloring in an adult coloring book, it doesn’t matter what you actually choose to do. The importance of a creative hobby is that it allows you to work on a project that will not be graded or judged by anyone else, but will give you a finished project at the end.

I recently started embroidering as my creative outlet to de-stress after a long day.


3. The Academic Hobby: This one sounds a little scary, but bear with me. I love to read… when it is a book that I have picked out and is not necessarily for school. Reading is a way that I can take a few minutes every day to live in someone else’s shoes and I personally find it an enjoyable way to destress, especially because it does not involve as much time as running or embroidery so I am able to pick it up quickly. If you are stretched for time, but know you need a little break, pick up a book, a crossword puzzle, sudoku or anything that helps you to exercise your mind outside of your school work.


If you have never really been one to have a consistent hobby, that’s okay! Two out of the three hobbies that I listed I did not start doing until after I went to college. Be open to trying new things and you will find what is right for you!


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