If You Can’t Tweet Something Nice Don’t Tweet Anything At All

Here’s the thing. We live in a society dominated by social media. We check Instagram between classes and Facebook while eating lunch. We overshare and let’s be honest how many people actually care what you ate for lunch? Unfortunately this oversharing and constant use of social media is almost an unavoidable part of the time we live in.

While Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be beneficial to our social, and even professional lives, it can also be just as detrimental. Social media is becoming a tool that many businesses and professionals use to promote themselves or their business. While we are told casually that what we post can effect us later on, not many social media users, especially younger users, actually believe this.

Social media tends to be dominated by a younger and younger audience the more popular it gets, with this comes the fear that younger audiences do not realize how much what they post can impact their lives later on. How can they if people twice their age still have not quite grasped the concept?

Employers and Universities now check potential employees and potential student’s social media to see what kind of posts they are curating. If you are constantly getting into meaningless “twitter fights” and posting innapropriate photos on Instagram, why should they hire you or accept you into their school if you are going to portray a poor image.

There is an argument that social media users should be able to post whatever they want because it is their personal social media. While this is absolutely true and it is a personal choice as to what one decides to post, others are going to see what is posted and they reserve the right to choose not to hire you or accept you into a program for your posts.

This has become a very real issue in our society that many people tend to put on the back burner. It is important to talk with young social media users (middle school, high school and potentially college age) to make sure that they are completely aware how their posts can affect them in the future.

That one tweet in one angry moment or one post on Instagram could be construed as immature and inappropriate. Unfortunately could matter greatly when you have applied for a job and it is between someone who is responsible with their social media, and you, who may have been posting not so responsible posts.


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