Birmingham, Alabama

Back to the travel posts we go! A short weekend trip to Birmingham, Alabama left me with the inspiration and energy I needed to finish the semester strong! My mom and I went to Birmingham this past weekend to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex.

We did not originally plan on visiting too many other places due to the short period of time we were going to be in Birmingham (From Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon), but when we got there we decided to drive around a bit (Most of what is mentioned on this post does not have to do with the “touristy” aspects of the city).

Birmingham has multiple parks and outdoor areas that can be visited when the weather is nice, and historic locations such as the Vulcan Park and numerous nature centers. The statue at Vulcan Park is visible almost everywhere in Birmingham and my mom and I had a great time spotting it when we would change streets.

Antique stores are also a huge component of Birmingham. I’m pretty sure my mom and I counted no less than ten and went to three separate antique stores.


Architectural Heritage features large pieces such as old doors, windows and fireplace mantles. Fifth Avenue antiques houses tons of records, knick knacks and just about anything you could think of.

Hanna Antiques is actually an antique and specialty books store. Any classic title you can think of, they have it and in gorgeous hard back cover copies no doubt. The store itself is huge, and if you are a book lover like me, it should definitely be on your list of “must sees”.

Uptown Birmingham is a tiny section of the city that seems like it should be a movie set. While we were there we even saw a group of teenagers taking their photos for prom!uptown

It features restaurants such as Mugshots Grill and Bar and the Southern Kitchen and Bar. We went to Cantina Laredo, a Mexican restaurant. The food was amazing and different than any Mexican restaurant I have been to in the past!

I wish that we could have spent a little more time in the city, visiting more of the tourist destinations, but for the time period that we were there I feel we saw a lot of the city and the essence of the area. I would recommend a visit to Birmingham if you are heading to Alabama anytime soon!


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