Biltmore Estate Travel Guide – Asheville, NC

The Biltmore Estate is undoubtably one of the favorite places to visit when in Asheville, North Carolina. From the manicured lawns and gorgeous gardens to the uniquely decorated rooms, The Biltmore has fascinated visitors for decades.

As with anywhere else there are a few things you should know before visiting to make the most of your experience.

  1. Buy your tickets early. If you know in advance that you will be visiting the Biltmore, buy your tickets online. Not only will you be able to customize your tickets, you will also get a discount on your visit (and up until September 4, 2017 kids 16 and under can get in free with the online purchase of an adult ticket). Your ticket also includes a free wine tasting (21 and over of course), so definitely take advantage!
  2. Bring your camera. While I am all about enjoying a new place without the distraction of technology, you cannot miss the opportunity to take your photo on the front lawn of the house.
  3. Decide when you want to go. Just the like the seasons, the Biltmore changes depending on what time of year you go. In the summer you can enjoy the green lawn, flowers and sunshine, but Christmas is also a magical time as the entire house and the surrounding village is decorated.
  4. Tours. The Biltmore offers guided tours or you can take a self-guided tour. The guided tours offer a different perspective of the Biltmore House and grounds and allow you to visit different parts of the house not covered on the regular self-guided tour.
  5. Buy the headset. If it is your first time visiting, I would definitely recommend renting one of the self-guided tour headsets. These headsets give you the history of each room on the self-guided tour.
  6. See the garden. If you are able, try to make time to see the Biltmore gardens as well as the house. The gardens are immaculately taken care of and are an incredible experience within themselves.
  7. Go shopping! The Biltmore has a surrounding village of specialty shops.

The Biltmore is definitely worth a trip if you are in the area. So set aside a day and enjoy this beautiful part of history.


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