Fort Morgan Historic Sight Travel Guide – Alabama

If you are visiting Gulf Shores Alabama and looking for something to do, I would definitely suggest visiting Fort Morgan. Not only is it family friendly, but anyone that even has a slight interest in history would enjoy exploring the rooms and the grounds of Fort Morgan.

  1. Bring water and sunscreen. Alabama does not necessarily have seasons. So anytime from March through October has the potential to feel like summertime. The entirety of exploring Fort Morgan consists of walking and in the Alabama heat and humidity, water is definitely a must have. Also, when you are walking outside the majority of the time sunscreen is a big time necessity.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes. As I mentioned, Fort Morgan is explored by walking and it may not look big when you first arrive, but there are numerous rooms within rooms within rooms to explore.
  3. Camera. If you love pictures like I do, definitely bring a camera. There are so many interesting nooks within the fort, and while many of them are dark due to lack of windows (and electricity!) there are many chances for photo ops!


4. Read the Plaques. Throughout the Fort, are placards that tell you a little bit of history behind different rooms. Take the time to read them as they will tell you more information and background and help you to really get the most out of your experience. (Also, read the information packet you receive upon buying your ticket.)

5. Visit the Museum. Along with number 4, reading as much as you can will help you to appreciate and understand the background of Fort Morgan. There is a small museum and gift shop just outside of the fort’s entrance that you can visit to learn more!

6.Take your time. Make sure you give yourself enough time while visiting the fort to really explore and appreciate this part of history. Try not to rush through. Make sure you read a much as you can and explore as much as you can, this will help to guarantee you enjoy your experience.



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